The ESP LOW-E Reflective Insulation products for both residential and commercial applications are listed below. For detailed information, please download the brochures and product specifications.

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Therma Sheet

PDFNEW and IMPROVED THERMA SHEET - ICC approved stand alone roofing underpayment!!

Therma Sheet Roofing Underlayment is manufactured in the USA by Environmentally Safe Products, Inc. It is a 99% pure polished aluminum facing heat laminated to a closed cell foam core. Preferably it is used in conjunction with traditional felt paper. Therma Sheet provides excellent thermal and moisture protection under metal roofing, stone coated steel, concrete or clay tile. The product is very lightweight and easy to install. The material composition of Therma Sheet allows it to outlast and outperform yesterday’s underlayments. Therma Sheet reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat that is normally transferred into the attic by super heated roofing materials. Therma Sheet used under your roofing system will help cut your summer air conditioning bills. It greatly reduces attic heat gain making this space more usable and the rest of the house cooler.

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PDF2013 Building Code Standards - ThermaSheet Approval Documents



LOW-E is the number one selling reflective insulation in the country. LOW-E is manufactured using a polyethlyene foam core with scrim reinforced double sided aluminum facings. LOW-E can be used in all facets of the building industry where conventional insulations are used. It can be used alone or in conjunction with mass insulations for high r-systems. From large commercial buildings to residential homes LOW-E can be used to save money on heating and cooling costs.

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Econo-E® is the economy version of LOW-E. Econo-E has all the superior qualities you would expect, but for less. Manufactured using a polyethlyene core laminated to aluminum facings without reinforcement. White facings are available for a finished look. Econo-E is the perfect choice for all building applications including agricultural buildings, steel buildings, attics and crawlspaces to name a few. Econo-E gives homeowners and contractors a premium product for an economical price.
  • 3/16” thick insulation available in 4’, & 6’ rolls
  • Double Sided pure aluminum facing/no reinforcement
  • Available with or without extended staple flange
  • Also available with a white facing on one or both sides
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Attic Blanket

Attic Floor Insulation

LOW-E Attic Floor Insulation is a great product for your attic that can be easily installed by anyone with general home repair skills. The product is perforated to allow moisture to escape. This means that you can just roll it right out on top of your attic floor. No need to staple to the under side of your rafters. This great product will help keep your heating bills lower as well as keeping you more comfortable. No More Heating Your Attic! The same holds true for the summer months.

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HVAC APPLICATIONS: Our LOW-E Insulation is quickly becoming the insulation of choice for many quality HVAC contractors. LOW-E HVAC is constructed of polyethylene foam faced on both sides with aluminum. Used mainly as a duct insulation this product has many benefits for both the installer and the homeowner versus typical duct insulations. Because LOW-E is faced on both sides with pure aluminum it has an extremely low e-value(.03) which stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer. LOW-E absorbs absolutely no moisture, so if condensation would occur the insulation will not lose its performance value nor will it mildew or deteriorate. It's totally non-toxic and there are no adhesives used in its construction, resulting in a clean, fiber free, hypo-allergenic duct wrap. Best of all, for the installer it is lightweight, cuts with a razor knife, and there's NO ITCH! Give it a try and find out for yourself. See why LOW-E HVAC Insulation is "the most versatile HVAC insulation on the market today"

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LOW-E Housewrap

LOW-E® Housewrap. Just what builders have been looking for! A housewrap that does more than simply stop drafts. A pure aluminum facing that is heat bonded to one or both sides of closed cell polyethylene foam, then the product is pin perforated. This results in a housewrap that acts not only as a superior air infiltration barrier, effectively sealing up cracks or gaps in the external sheathing, but it also adds an insulation to the exterior of the home blocking up to 97% of radiant heat. This results in better year round efficiency and comfort levels. Also unlike other house-wraps or insulating products that are traditionally used, ESP LOW-E® Housewrap is totally non-toxic, and its performance is not affected by initial exposure to the elements. This product is available in 4' x 125' rolls that weigh only about 20lbs. Installation is a breeze, using only a staple gun and razor knife it is installed just like your average housewrap.

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UNDER SLAB APPLICATIONS SlabShield insulation was designed specifically for use under concrete slabs. We have also designed a thinner version of SlabShield for lightweight concrete applications. Both products give you a vapor barrier and significant thermal performance in one user friendly product. The products have a layer of closed cell polyethylene foam applied to both sides of a reflective layer. The closed cell foam is a vapor barrier and protects the aluminum from the chemical reaction that would occur with uncured concrete. All you need to apply SlabShield is a razor knife and tape (Tape is necessary for a complete vapor barrier to be achieved). Simply roll the product to the desired length and cut. Compare that to working with 4' x 8' board insulation and you'll soon see the time savings of working with SlabShield. Another difference between SlabShield and the foam boards is its ability to mold itself to the contours of your grade. SlabShield is flexible enough to adjust to the high and low areas helping to create a stronger finished concrete pour. SlabShield also does not crack or crumble when faced with the normal abuses the job site throws at it.

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E-Z Seal

LOW-E E-Z Seal was designed to make installation quick, simple and more efficient than ever before. The insulations tabs simply lock into place, the self adhesive tape ensures a strong seam and creates a full-scale vapor barrier. This simplified process saves you labor time and most importantly saves you money. E-Z Seal continues to provide a full-scale thermal block, a wind infiltration barrier and an excellent insulator for the life of your building. LOW-E E-Z Seal when properly installed will also create its own airspace which makes the choice to use LOW-E easier than ever. Available in various widths, thickness, and facings to meet your specifications, ask for it by name LOW-E "E-Z Seal."

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Class A White

Class-A White™ insulation was designed to meet the needs of customers demanding extremely low flame and smoke characteristics. Class-A White boasts a flame rating of 10 and smoke rating of 15. In keeping with our company name, these extremely low numbers are achieved without the use of toxic flame retarding or hazardous core materials. The white aluminum facing presents a clean appearance while providing one of the safest exposed interior finishes on the market.

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Low-E Tab


LOW-E Tab Material makes installing ESP LOW-E® in residential stud cavities as easy as can be. LOW-E Tab is cut to 16", 18" & 24" on center so it can benefit commercial buildings, structures with radiant heating as well as residential applciations. LOW-E Tab Material is our traditional LOW-E Insulation cut to width. Call your sales rep for more information on how LOW-E Tab can start saving you time and money.

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